Privacy Policy


1. Our delivery boy will call you before he come to deliver/receive your selected outfit on your agreed date and time.

2. Be 100% sure before receiving an outfit else company will not be responsible for anything.


1. Company will keep 50% deposit with itself.
2. You have to pay full payment + 50% deposit in one time before receiving the outfit via online or COD.
3. Company will return your 50% deposit within 48 hours of completion of


1. All knows the Indian shoppers is a customer oriented company. minor  wear and tear is accepted and will be ignored.

2) In case of dress damage, the company will inform you of the damages and would take specific actions on retaining the deposits, an invoice will be given to you for the same.

3) We know how fitting is important for you so for the same the Indian shoppers hires professional tailors who will be responsible for the customization of your dress. We did not allow our customer to customize their dress by themselves, if there is any tempering with the dress then appropriate action will be taken by company.


1) If you receive a damage dress or you receive a dress which is different from your selected dress , then you are free  to cancel the order by sending the mail on

2) if you have received the dress and paid then you cannot cancel the order.

3) We will consider extra 2-3 hours after your finishing period after it 50rs/hour late charges will apply.

4) In case if you are not satisfy with your dress after receiving, then you have to pay 200rs as order cancellation charges.


1) Our boy will come to you for pick-up the dress.

2) Check the entire dress thoroughly before returning the dress and tell the receiver if there is any fault or damage.